Who are we?

We are men, just like you.

Our team is made up of men who are passionate about health, wellbeing, nurturing a sense of community and re-establishing our connection to nature.

Our stories and start points are different, but we have all been on our own journey of self-exploration these past few years. 

We’re still on those journeys, as it happens.

We have come together to help other men, men like you, begin their own journeys into themselves.

Why though?

We believe this work is vital.

For outward change to happen, we must start with inward change. For the world to become a better place to live, we must first become better people.

As brothers, we want to work on this together, exploring who we truly are, as we begin to discover our place in the world.

As a tribe, let’s discover our true purpose and achieve the balance and authentic connection we all deserve.

Self-reflection, self-awareness, self-expression; they all lead to self-discovery.

Christian Chalfont

Christian Chalfont

Counsellor & Facilitator
Counsellor & Facilitator

My journey through early adulthood was held back by deep feelings of imposter syndrome and anxiety, resulting in me frequently changing careers.

Everything came to a head in 2019 when I began questioning my purpose in life and my value to those closest to me. Thankfully, I had the unwavering support of my partner. This allowed me to take the risk to do a deep dive into myself, rather than looking outward for the answers.

The next two years contained a huge amount of self-reflection, volunteering, re-training and no small amount of personal growth and development. I spent a lot of time exploring my past experiences, upbringing, relationships, education, careers, traumas and successes.

Historically I have worked as a personal trainer, sports therapist, reiki master practitioner and meditation instructor. As well as a number of other professions! However, I trained as a counsellor to thread my passion for health, wellbeing, men's group work and holding space for clients one-to-one.

Over the last two years, I have been incredibly fortunate to meet a number of men who have held and witnessed me in ways I had never been taught. In turn, they trusted me to hold and witness them. It is these very men who have shown me the power and strength of vulnerability and deep authentic connection.

Each of the men you see below shares my passion and belief in creating spaces for men to come together; exploring who we are, what we need and how to support one another on this journey into self.

For me, Desmond Tutu said it best;

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

Angga Kara

Angga Kara

Executive Coach and Facilitator
Executive Coach and Facilitator

Award winning Executive Embodiment Coach Angga kara brings a playful touch to anything he does with a heart as wide as his smile.

A master craftsman in the facilitation of non-ordinary spaces and the art of embodied expression.

With over 1500 hours of experience, he utilises his skills as an accredited executive performance coach working with leaders from the world’s biggest brands like Google, Meta, Salesforce & BlackRock.

Bringing with him his 10 years of movement artist and theatre experience creating nationally touring sold out shows to bring self-exploration to life in a professional container that invites more curiosity about how you relate to yourself and those around you.

Be prepared to move and reconnect with your inner wild child.

Billy Clark

Billy Clark

Existential Coach and Facilitator
Existential Coach and Facilitator

Billy’s life has been historically characterised as one involving struggles to live with OCD, generalised anxiety, confusion of identity (particularly as a working-class male and who he should/shouldn’t be because of that label) and low confidence, amongst an ever-changing home environment.  

Through a lot of inner work, healing, and introspection, he has managed to not only live with these troubles but accept them and embrace them as a part of his authentic self; a healthy narrative that acknowledges the facts without dismissing them due to their initial discomforting appearance.

He has been a happy and successful teacher of Religious Education and Philosophy for 8 years and has been practising as a coach for the past 2, increasing in confidence as time has gone by. As of January 2023, he will be coaching staff, students, and parents full-time within the education sector, combining his passion for teaching, coaching, and reading philosophy, making the abstract more practical.

Billy believes passionately that the use of language and storytelling is vital to living an authentic and fulfilled life. He focuses on the stories that clients tell themselves, their sense of identity that emerges from those stories, the thought patterns that unconsciously hold us all back and the values that can be unearthed in amongst that conversation.

Andy Walker

Andy Walker

Breathwork Coach and Facilitator
Breathwork Coach and Facilitator

Andy is, first and foremost, an individual who has had the direct experience of navigating years of debilitating mental health, chronic fatigue and nervous system dysregulation.

His experience of mental and emotional suffering in his 20's paved the foundations for a decade of self-exploration, study and mentorship in NLP, Shamanism, Buddhism, Circle Work, Reiki and Breathwork.

Founding member and CEO of Mentell, a national men's mental health charity - supporting over 2000 men with safe and confidential spaces to talk, free from advice and judgement.  

Andy trains facilitators across the country with his circle work methodology and is recognized by the NHS and Public Health England for suicide prevention. A fully certified and insured Breathwork, NLP and Reiki Master, he brings a simple and accessible approach to reconnecting our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations back into the present moment.

Andy leads our breathwork circles and is a keen outdoor adventurer and cold-water enthusiast, so be prepared!

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