Frequently Asked Questions

What is a men's retreat?

A space for men to come together to explore who we are, what our purpose is and how we live. A full weekend of workshops, talks and activities designed for self-reflection, growth and personal development. Arriving at 5pm on a Friday and departing 5pm on Sunday.

How do I reserve my place on the next men's retreat?

Deposits are £100 per retreat and secure your place. Full payment must be made 28 days prior to any retreat.

What's included at a men's retreat?

  • Trained facilitators
  • Shared rooms with pillows and bedding
  • All meals

What do I need to bring a men's retreat?

  • A willingness to participate
  • Head torch
  • Water bottle
  • Camping mug and/or insulative cup (For sitting round the fire).
  • Shoes and clothing for all weather and terrain (Plan for wind, rain and muddy paths. You never know what nature will bring!).

What's a typical schedule at a men's retreat?

Our retreats cover a number of activities over the course of a weekend.

Friday includes arrival, introductions and an evening meal.

Saturday includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, with 3-4 separate activities spaced evenly throughout the day.

Sunday includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks before departure, with 3-4 separate activities spaced evenly through the day.

What type of people attend the retreats?

Our retreats are for men, and/or anyone identifying as male, wishing to participate in vulnerability, growth and personal development amongst peers. Safety, respect and confidentiality are at the heart of the spaces we create.

Can you cater for any dietary requirements at the retreat?

We aim to make all reasonable adjustments to accommodate an individual’s dietary requirements. However, we cannot guarantee safety from any allergens due to the possibility of people bringing their own foods. There is also a high probability that the venue and kitchen contain any number of foods and ingredients from previous users.

Is there disabled access on the retreats, talks and workshops?

Retreats take place in the countryside and include things like forest/hill walks, tai chi and other physical activities. The venues are usually outdoor adventure centres with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces. Depending on the sessions we are running, this can include the use of fields and woodlands.

Disabled access is varied and usually limited. That being said, we are looking into hosting a disabled-access retreat with appropriate accommodations and facilities.

Talks and workshops tend to be hosted in buildings where disabled access is well catered for.

Whenever we list a retreat, talk or workshop, will aim to highlight the accessibility of the venue being used.

Can I come with a male friend/relative/colleague/acquaintance?

Yes, you are able to come with another male who is known to you. Multiple bookings can be made at time of purchase.

Can I bring alcohol and cigarettes?

All of our retreats are completely sober. The use of drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted.

Smoking and vaping are only allowed in limited specific areas. These areas are mutually agreed upon by all participants at the start of a retreat.

Can you tell me who will be on the retreat beforehand?

No. Whilst we try to give you some idea of what the retreats will entail, we do not share information of other participants. Ultimately each man is there to do their own self-work and exploration.

What happens if I arrive and realise I know someone else on the retreat?

It is not a problem to know other men on our retreats. Upon arrival, introductions are made and as a group, we collectively discuss and agree upon appropriate behaviour for the duration of the weekend. However, our 3 core pillars of behaviour are safety, confidentiality and respect, for which everyone is responsible.

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